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Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trẻ
Lời bái hát: I'm looking back, searching for past
The past when I called you mine

Can I bring back that time
When you and I were just fine
Once again I'm trying to reach out for you
Can't hide those tears, streaming down my face
So tell me what do I do
All the love words you say
You let the rain wash away
Leaving me all alone with this pain

You are so far, I know you're too far
Even though I'm still waiting for dreams to come true
I still wait for the rain to wash away all the pain
In this darkness I can't find the way to escape

I miss you much, I miss you so much
Are you somewhere just sitting and thinking of me
Hope you find your way back home
Hope you find the way back to me
DO you still feel the way that I do?
I miss you

Ill remember all the things that we have been through
In my heart, I'll lock it safe, and you are the key.